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Honor Guard – Day 129

Honor Guard – Day 129

By Renee  Bodkin


Early this morning the Bodkin Boys got up and dressed in full uniform so they could go and volunteer their services representing the GNFC (Greater Niagara Frontier Council) Honor Guard.  They had so much fun participating in a flag ceremony for a breakfast for business people and such.  Top picture is Seb “calling” and Ben at the back of the line.   Bottom picture Lucian is walking up (first in line).

Seb and Ben Luc first


***Dare I say… another bonus to homeschooling doing something like this…. so much for sleeping in after the baseball game but they didn’t care since they got to do this!   They also got to eat breakfast after they were done doing their “flag thing”.   They were with their friends and got to represent Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.

Honor Guard Eatin'



Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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