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Immediate Care & Health Insurance – Day 127

Immediate Care & Health Insurance – Day 127

By Renee Bodkin


As I mentioned yesterday, Sebastian hasn’t been feeling great.  He’s been coughing and congested.  So today… we debated taking him to his doctor or taking him to Immediate Care.  First off, I’m grateful that we have awesome Health Insurance and have the flexibility to chose where we go and get care when we are sick.  We decided on Immediate Care because Philip was busy with work stuff and he’d have to drag all of the boys if he went during the day.  This way I could take him later in the day when I was out of work.


We went after dinnertime.  We were in and out.  They are so helpful.  They checked him out… seems he’s having some upper respiratory infection so they gave him a breathing treatment (no, he doesn’t have asthma) and prescribed some meds to help him.  Bam… we were done and he is hopefully on the road to recovery.  Grateful for no co-pays, health insurance, doctors, and Immediate Care.


Seb sick

Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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