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Index Card O’ Gratitude – Day 116

Index Card O’ Gratitude – Day 116

By Renee Bodkin

As my mind is churning and stress is rising over a multitude of things going on… I paused between praying for something that is out of my control and organizing students papers as they clutter my desk and I noticed the sun spilling in the window of my classroom and looked harder and saw the pale blue sky… and was grateful.  At that exact moment, I paused and jotted this down.

Index Card

Then… I got back to work.  Neatened up the classroom.  I  returned to my desk and this happened.  My markers jumped out of my mug-o-markers and I filled up the  5 by 8 index card in about 2 more minutes!  Bam!

Look at that.  In the midst of my stomach churning and brain going like a whirlwind… I wrote a list in less than 5 minutes of things I was grateful for today. 

Full Index Card

  Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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