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Juicing – Day 25

Juicing – Day 25


By Renée Bodkin


JUICING is yummy and healthy and I am grateful we do it.

We bought a Fusion Juicer this past summer.  Philip read many positive things about Juicing so we thought we’d give it a try.  We have been juicing now, fairly consistently, for about 6 months.  This, by no means, makes me an expert.

I can say that juicing makes us both feel better when we juice daily.  We follow Jason Vale Juicemaster on Facebook and he has some fantastic knowledge and juice recipes.  We also utilize the website www.juicerecipes.com on a regular basis.  This website is fantastic because you can plug in the ingredients you have on hand and it gives you recipes to make.  Even more important for my diabetic husband, it gives you nutritional information (specifically carbohydrates which is imperative to my guy who is insulin dependent and has to tell his insulin pump the amount of carbs he will consume so it can give him the appropriate amount of insulin).  It gives specific reasons why certain ingredients are “good for you”.


Today we had the Creamsicle and the Green Ginger Ale

They both were amazing.  They tasted great.  They were filled with great nutrients.  And they filled each of us up until dinnertime. 

The Creamsicle included: apples, celery, orange, pears, and sweet potato. Yes, you read that right… sweet potato.

The Green Ginger Ale included: apples, celery, lime, cucumber, and ginger.


The only negative thing about juicing is cleaning the juicer.  It’s a big pain. It’s very important that you clean it right away so the pulp doesn’t harden on the juicer.  Though as much as it’s a “pain”, it’s well worth the effort.  And, if you get a routine like I have — fill the sink with soapy water, throw it all in, scrub it up, rinse and leave to dry — it goes quickly and you can move onto enjoying your concoction of the day!!


Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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