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Klondike – Day 38

Klondike – Day 38

By Renée Bodkin

This weekend was the annual Boy Scout Klondike Derby.  The Boy Scout troops went out last night (Friday) camped overnight (fortunately a kind troop offered to share their cabin with Sebastian’s troop) so they didn’t have to sleep in tents in the single digit temperatures and -15 degree windchill last night.  They were prepared to do it though and they would have survived.    Though it was more comfortable for them in the cabin in those cold, cold temps.  Here is Sebastian!

Seb Klondike

My Webelos II den had a few more requirements for their Outdoorsman pin so today we met up and headed to the Klondike to experience what the Boy Scouts do! 

Webelos II

Benjamin and four of his Cub Scout friends spent the afternoon at Camp Stonehaven.  We hiked all the way up to McCoy campsite and Niagara cabin.  The boys got to see where the big boys stayed.  Then we headed out to their “outdoor” site.   The Scoutmaster went over fire building with the boys.  The fire was warm and toasty.  The adults gathered round the campfire while  the boys ran around and played in the snow.  They had a blast!  They threw snow and rolled around in it and laughed and even helped carry firewood.    They had hot chocolate and we hiked back down to where the activities took place. The Webelos got to participate with the Boy Scouts.   They learned about a really neat Native American traditional game called snow snaking.  Then they got to take a try at it throwing the javlon type thing down the snow track.  Then over to snow broom ball where they had some more fun!   On the way out Ben even found a little snow cave to pose for a snapshot… so silly!! 

Silly Ben

Ben and I headed home after an afternoon of outdoor Scout fun!!  While Sebastian and the Boy Scouts participated in closing flag ceremonies, the Klondike Sled Race, a yummy chili dinner, then Catholic services (a Scout is Reverent), then finally closing campfire. 

KlondikeI went back to camp at 8:00 for the closing campfire.  Enjoyed some entertainment from the boys… then waited for Seb so we could head home. 

I am truly grateful that I can give my boys these amazing experiences!!  They gain so much from these experiences – leadership, team building, survival skills, and just having good fun! 


Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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