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Lamborghini Sighting – Day 137

Lamborghini Sighting – Day 137

By Renee Bodkin


So Lucian is my errands buddy.  It seems almost daily I have errands, somewhere to go, something to do and Lucian almost always volunteers to come along for the ride to keep me company.  This time with Lucian is priceless.  We chat and laugh and it’s just special.  I hope he realizes how much that time means to me and hope that he too values it. 


Well today we pulled into Wegmans parking lot and in typical Bodkin Boy fashion he spotted a CAR.   He gets this from his father.  His brothers also have a deep appreciation for vehicles.   And it went something like this, “Mom look… quick please go over there! I need to see that car!”  All I knew was that it was super sporty and red.  So… I debated for a millisecond — “go over there right away” or “make him wait til we’re done with shopping”.  I didn’t want to disappoint and how hard is it to circle around a parking lot to scope out a car. 

We pull up and he FREAKED OUT.  “Mom, it’s a LAMBORGHINI!!!!!!!!  I’ve never seen a Lambo!!!  My brothers are going to be so jealous!!!  Please let me get out and look closely!”  So… out he went with directions not to touch.  He then proceeded to ask to use my phone to take some good pictures then have me take a picture of him with the car.  He was beside himself.  He couldn’t stop talking about it.  AND THAT…. makes me grateful.  His happiness over seeing a super cool car!  That made my day!!!  He was soo pleased.  He couldn’t wait to get home to show his Dad and brothers the awesome pictures (and I’m sure to brag a bit, too). 

Luc and Lambo Close Up Lambo


Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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