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Legacy and Living It

 Legacy and Living It

By Renee Bodkin

We have been talking with the boys a lot lately about walking the walk.  How their actions speak louder than their words.  We use the 12 points of the Scout Law daily as a guide for leading them in the right direction, “You either live it or you don’t.”  Meaning you live those 12 points or you don’t.  Do they really mean something to you?  Then let your actions show it.  In all aspects of life. 

This has expanded more thoroughly to Sebastian, who as a Life Scout, is looking towards earning his Eagle rank.  He is having some issues in his troop with other boys not respecting him and saying nasty things (because he is younger than some of them and such), we have talked to him about how you cannot change others, you can only control your own actions.  As much as I’d like to step in and confront these boys, I haven’t.  As it’s on them, they are not being KIND or FRIENDLY or COURTIOUS.  So we encourage him to keep making a difference and guiding and building friendships with those boys who care and are “living it”.  He must be doing something right because he keeps moving forward.  So, to those nay-sayers —  Please, look within and let your actions, not your words guide you. 


Also, Sebastian is brainstorming for his Eagle project.  He wants to do something “meaningful” to him specifically.  Something that is close to his heart.   He wants to leave a legacy.   It’s tough watching him struggle but he has some good ideas and I believe in him.   This quote from Saint Francis of Assisi seems to fit in much of what he is doing and I hope he takes it to heart, “It’s no use walking anywhere to preach unless your preaching is your walking.”  

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We are busy.  All of us.  We try to keep it in check by asking ourselves — is this making us happy?  Is this guiding our future?  Are we surrounding ourselves with people who are kind and loving?  Are we giving our boys the tools to grow into self-sufficient young men with values and skills that will help them in the future?    So, in the hustle and bustle of it all and the things we can’t control, we know that we are “living it”  and we are doing what is best for us – our family.  And for all this… I am grateful.

Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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