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Life’s Challenges – Day 34

Life’s Challenges – Day 34

By Renée Bodkin

It’s easy to be grateful for all the good in one’s life.  All the amazing people in one’s life.  It’s easy to pinpoint gratitude when things are bright and shiny and positive and good.   You have to dig a bit deeper to appreciate and be grateful for life’s challenges. 

Life’s Challenges help you grow.  They help you be you.   Your character, heart, and actions when you are faced with challenges are developed and formed.  Life’s challenges make you appreciate life more.  There is always a lesson to be learned in these challenges.  We must embrace them. 

So as this challenging week continues, I find gratitude in life’s challenges. 

life's challenges

Fortunately, kindness rules.  Another meal dropped off this afternoon.  Thank you to Darcy (my friend) and Samuel (Seb’s friend) for bringing us chili and corn muffins.  It was wonderful!!  Even my picky eaters ate it.  And, my Philip (who has been living on sherbert and chicken soup) had a small bowl.  It’s these acts of kindness and help that make my day a bit easier and brighter. 

I received an unexpected message from one of my sister’s childhood friends, a message of kindness and support. And she said that *I* inspired her!  Amazing.  I’m just a girl who refuses to be miserable despite some miserable circumstances.  I chose to be positive.  It’s not always easy.  Sometimes it would be easier to point fingers, complain and whine, or just “give up” but why?  I think it’s better to see the positive and of course, be grateful.  


Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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