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Me Time – Day 109

Me Time – Day 109

By Renee Bodkin


As many moms can relate, I don’t get much “Me Time”.    In fact, I get next to no “me time”.  This is an area I need to work on as truly I think I’m a better person – all around – when I take time for myself.   Though “me time” has been sorely lacking these days (translate – this past year). 

Today though, I am grateful for ME TIME.  With my sister’s wedding tomorrow I was in desperate need of something to wear and I had a gift certificate from my birthday (almost a year ago) that was expiring on Saturday for a mani/pedi!!!  Talk about good timing!

The morning started with my “good deed of the day”, I took my mother-in-law, Theresa, and her kitty to the vet.  Poor kitty wasn’t doing too well and it would be way too difficult for Theresa to take kitty alone (both physically and emotionally).  I tried to be optimistic but I know how this poor lil guy has been going downhill for a while and sure enough his time had come.  🙁  Sadly, Monroe had a large tumor in his abdomen and the best course of action was to be put to sleep.  🙁   I’m glad I could be there for Theresa.  I’m grateful that I’m strong enough to handle these sorts of things. 

So needless to say, my “Me Time” was really, really needed.  I proceeded to get a Timmy Hos Iced Cap – which I really, really like but very, very rarely get – and drove to the store.  It’s a tough thing – shopping for clothes.  I’m not happy with where I am physically so meandering around the store at first was actually stressful.  But then something happened and I just exhaled and continued on my journey to find something… anything… to wear to my sister’s wedding.  I had a safety outfit planned out in my head.  Pretty black wrap shirt (that I already have that is fairly slimming) with a new skirt.  Mission #1: find a skirt.  After wandering aimlessly around the store, finding some work pants and a couple tank tops… I found a cute skirt that would fit the bill.  At that point, all the dresses were just not what I thought would work.  I was content.  Went to pay and the sweet salesgirl and I started to chat.  Towards the end of cashing out, she said, “Did you see the pretty green/blue dress over there…. it has some nice roushing that is slimming.”  Ugh.  My interest was peaked.  I had her show me said dress and sure enough it was nice.  It was nice enough to try on even though I already had an outfit.  So I tried it on and it looked nice, too!  So… I bought that dress as well.  Leaving even more content because I had 2 potential outfits. 

Onward to the nail salon!  Truth about Renee… I’m always a tad nervous going into these types of places.  Self-conscience, maybe.  So this was a new-to-me nail salon.  Fortunately, it was quiet in there and I didn’t have to wait.  There was a bit of a communication issue at first because I showed him my gift certificate and he wanted to know if I wanted the deluxe pedicure or basic or something like that.  I want the one that comes with my gift certificate, buddy!  It was worked out and I relaxed (for the most part) while my feet soaked and my toes were made pretty.  I should tell you about my gratitude for my nail polish collection.  Another day for that.  So, I took my own polish because I have so many that are so wonderful.  Zoya Faye is gracing my piggy toes right now. 

Then I moved onto my manicure.  This, too, is semi-stressful (albeit relaxing because I enjoy the end result).  My nails are semi-short.  I quit biting a few years ago but every once in a while I nibble off some nails and sure enough my one hand was short, short.  That’s okay.  The nice Asian man still did a nice manicure on my nails, pampered my hands then polished them with one of my all-time favorite polishes, Zoya Charla.  It’s an aquamarine, mermaidy shimmery, shiny green/blue color that ironically matched both my new dress and the cute polka dots on my new skirt!  Ahhh… perfect!  While this was going on I decided to *really* splurge and get my eyebrows waxed, too!!  The things I really do take for granted.  The end result of waxing left me feeling so positive and confident.  I really do need to make a more regular thing of this! 

So yes, I am very grateful for some much needed me time of shopping and pampering.



Until tomorrow…

. Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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