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Memorial Day – Day 141

Memorial Day – Day 141

By Renee Bodkin


Memorial Day.  A day of remembrance.  Honor.  Memorial started after the Civil War to remember the over 620,000 Americans who died on both sides of the Civil War.  It was first known as Decoration Day  because it was a day to “decorate” the graves of fallen soldiers with flowers then later on with flags.  Today it’s a day to stop and remember and honor those who have served our country.   Gratitude for our freedom and those who fight for it today and days past.  Words are difficult to find to express that level of gratitude.  Lest we never take for granted that freedom that so many have lost their lives for us and given their time for us to enjoy these freedoms. 


Today on our way to Fort Niagara we stopped at the cemetery to remember Philip’s grandfather who served in the Marines.

memorial day

Fort Niagara is one of our favorite places to go.  The Fort as well as just the “state park”.  We picnic, the boys play on the playground, explore at the water’s edge, run on the big hill, and just enjoy time outdoors.  Cioci met us there (since she lives right around the corner or technically down the road) and we all enjoyed an easy picnic lunch and the boys of course… played!  Max even came and had fun outdoors.   This was the best picture we could get of the 3 of them together… they were in goofy mode!

Fort Niagara Seb and Luc Seb and Max Ben Philip and Renee

God Bless America!  Happy Memorial Day!


Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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