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Mother’s Day – Day 126

Mother’s Day – Day 126

By Renee Bodkin


Grateful and Blessed.  For my Boys.  For my Mother.


These boys… drive me crazy and fill my heart.  It’s an amazing mix of love and emotions. 

Today is Mother’s Day. 


Not too many words are needed.  I woke up to my dining room table set with flowers, candle, gifts, and cards.  Lucian was hard at work on cards for his Grandmas, Godmother, and aunts. 

Mother's Day

All in all it was a very nice day.   Spent the beginning of the day with Philip and the boys just relaxing together.  Sebastian wasn’t feeling very well so Philip stayed home with Seb when we went to my sister’s house to celebrate with my Mom.  It was a beautiful day outside so Ben and Luc had a nice afternoon with their cousins playing outside while I got to relax and visit with my sisters, brother-in-laws, and Mom.  Mom and Girls


Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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