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My Dad & Clue – Day 28

My Dad & Clue – Day 28

By Renée Bodkin

Today, as every day, I am grateful for my Dad.  He’s there for me, for us, when we need him.   There are a handful of reasons why I’m grateful for him but we’ll start with “why today”.  Today, Philip had a doctor’s appointment in preparation for his surgery (this Friday).  On his way home the windshield got super dirty and he ran out of windshield washer fluid.  No big deal, right?!  Of course not, he pulled off and the car’s hood would not go up.  It wouldn’t budge!  Keeping in mind it was a balmy 2 degrees this morning with a windchill temperature of negative 20ish, messing with the car outside was not going to happen.  So, he threw some snow on the windshield and got home.  Enter Dad to picture – Dad stops over on his way home from work and we proceed to put him to work some more.  I knew he’d be able to figure out what was wrong with the stupid hood.  So he and Sebastian went outside to tackle this problem.  After watching from the window I deduced that it wasn’t opening so I went out to “help” too.  He says, “Bring it to my house, I’ll pull it into my garage where it’s warmer and figure it out.”  Sure enough 10-15 minutes later, some lubricant and some fidgeting, it was open!  And the windshield washer fluid was in my car!  Woo hoo!!  Thanks Dad!! 

Dad / Gapa

Though, this is just an example of what he does for me (us). 

Another reason I am grateful for him is that he is super involved in Cub Scouts with my boys.  He’s actually the Cubmaster of our pack!!  He does fun activities, takes training, and goes camping and just has a good time with the boys!  This weekend, he’s taking Benjamin and Lucian on our “annual” cabin campout.  Philip and I won’t be able to go since we’ll be a bit busy seeing as Philip has surgery on Friday.  Thanks Dad for taking the boys (please be patient with them… I know they’re a handful).    I’m glad that he can be involved with my boys… I think they appreciate it!  And I surely do!  He’s good like that though, he makes a point of going to watch “the girls” (his granddaughters) dance and the boys (his other grandsons) play hockey!  He even comes and coaches (I mean watches) my boys bowl weekly! 

CubmasterSo… thank you, Dad!  We love you and are grateful for you!!

Canada with Gapa


And then… CLUE.  The board game – Clue.  The boys had a blast today (yet another “cold day” – no school day).  Their good friend, Patrick, slept over and they watched a movie, played Wii and Minecraft, and they PLAYED CLUE!!

I do enjoy watching them play board games.  They laugh and learn and interact and just have fun!  I was compelled to write about it because of a silly conversation that happened.  When they had to show the card to the other player, Patrick would say, “Avert your eyes.”  Lucian says, “What does avert mean?”  So he learned a new word.  Well, there are these “Intrigue” cards that go with the game so the word “intrigue” was being thrown around randomly as well.  Well, Lucian thought he’d be snazzy and use his new word and said,  “INTRIGUE YOUR EYES!”  To which everyone busted into laughter!  So, that became the “silly” from then on in as they narrowed down the choices for who killed Mr Body! 


The boys had so much fun playing… they’re playing again this evening!  I hear laughter.  That is a good thing.



Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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