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My Dentist – Day Ten of 365 Grateful

My Dentist  – Day Ten of 365 Grateful


by Renee Bodkin


After eating lunch today I noticed my tooth – a tooth that I’ve had a decent amount of work on already – had cracked.  Yikes.  I hate teeth issues.  I’ve had teeth nightmares.  Panic.  Pull out mirror.  Assess the tooth.  Yep, there is indeed a crack AND it looks like it will just crack OFF the rest of the tooth.  Not good is my assessment. So, I call my dentist.  She gives me an appointment first thing Monday morning. “Fine but what do I do about this piece that is about to pull off as I speak?”  Panic some more.  She puts me back on hold, comes back and says Dr. Jr’s son can see me TODAY in an hour.  Gotta love a family practice.  I’m totally 100% fine with this. GRATEFUL would be how I was feeling at that moment.  Grateful for the great ladies who work in the office (Debbie and Linda).  And grateful that I could get this stupid tooth issue possibly dealt with quickly and soon.

Dr. Jr.  is actually Dr. Mario Violante Jr. DDS. His son, Dr. Mario Violante III DDS.   His other son, Dr. Jude Violante is Philip’s podiatrist.  They all share an office.  We had been talking about switching to the Violante dentists when Philip got very sick (2 years ago), landed in the hospital then ended up with some emergency dental issues.  I went to Dr. Jr’s office.  Asked to speak to the Dr, explained our situation (with Philip being sick etc) and he took us right in as patients.   He took care of Philip like he was his own son.  Showed compassion and support and when I finally made my appointment, I finally found a dentist who didn’t hurt me and I trusted. 

We now go every 6 months and get dental stuff dealt with as needed (instead of procrastinating) and the boys see Dr. Jr. regularly.  We’ve never “seen” Dr. Violante (the son) but I knew if he was Dr. Jr’s son… I’d be okay. 


Needless to say, I’m better now than I was before. 

Dr. Violante was just like his dad.  He made me comfortable, was professional, and explained the best course of action.  No messing around here.  We’re dealing with this tooth.  He numbed me.  Pulled off the piece that would have created bigger issues.  Bonded it (or something like that).  Showed me a video about crowns.  And is sending in something to the insurance for a crown. 

I always wanted a crown. 


Hmm…. bejeweled and sparkly would be fantastic. 

I guess I’ll settle for one that will preserve the life of a tooth instead. 

So yes, I am grateful for Dr Violante Jr (aka Dr Jr) and his son, Dr. Violante. 



Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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