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My Education – Day 63

My Education – Day 63

By Renée Bodkin

It dawned on me today – as one student was stressing me out then another student renewed my faith in this crazy career and the work I do – I am grateful for my education

I am grateful that I was driven and focused to value my education when I was young.  I am grateful for the year and a half at SUNY Brockport then the following 3 and a half years at SUNY Geneseo.  Those years gave me a Bachelors degree in Speech-Language Pathology as well as experiences that have guided who I am today.  My Master’s degree in Special Education was obtained at St. Bonaventure University’s weekend grad program (where the St. Bonaventure professors came up to Hilbert College and I took intense classes on Friday nights and Saturdays).


So… yep.  I’m grateful for this education because it has given me the opportunity to be a special education teacher at Niagara Falls High School.  And even on the tough days, I am grateful that I can (hopefully) make a difference in the lives’ of the students I teach!   At least some of them.  


Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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