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Nature – Day 112

Nature – Day 112

By Renee Bodkin

Nature.  Specifically opportunities in nature.  After 2 weeks off of work and looking toward the final haul before summer vacation, a day spent at Camp Schoelkopf is just what we needed.  The fresh air, pine scent in the air, blue skies, quiet lake, radiant sun, trees and rocks and mud and new growth as spring is painstakingly trying to  peak greenery and life after a long, long winter. 

That – nature –  is what today was about.  Well… and a volunteer opportunity for the boys as they got to “act as victims” for a Wilderness First Aid course. 

We headed out to Camp Schoelkopf today to have the boys help our friend who was running a Wilderness Survival First Aid course.  Of course I had ulterior motives, I just wanted to be there.  In the peace and serenity of that amazing setting.  It did not disappoint.  Philip and I sat in the sun while the boys “worked”.  Took in the beauty of it all.  The beautiful pine trees.  The lake in the distance.  The blue sky. 

Then… the boys were rewarded with freedom.  They ventured down into the ravine (what they called it), found some fantastic swords (fallen branches), and proceeded to run around, up and down the hills over rocks and trees with their imaginations working overtime as they concocted a Hunger Games game.  Lots of laughter!  Lots of activity!  I watched for a while.  Took some pictures.  But then I left them to their own devices and they proceeded to play for what feels like forever.  A beautiful day spent together and with some of our best friends!  Now, that is something to be grateful for!

Until tomorrow…

. Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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