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No Day is Typical – Day 70

No Day is Typical – Day 70


By Renee Bodkin


I know this much is true, our life is by no means boring.  We always have something going on.  Always, it seems.  But this is what it’s all about.  Our family is dynamic, motivated and  inspired.  We spend our time on what we value so if you are so blessed to share our time, know that we value YOU!

Sunday morning, Sebastian had to be at Christ the King Seminary for his Ad Altere Dei class.  He went to mass, lunch and a tour with the seminarians.  He is less than a month away from earning this religious emblem after a year of working on it every other Sunday evening with Father Sam (at St Stephen’s Church) and  6 of his Boy Scout friends.  They have grown in their faith and knowledge and I am so proud of his commitment to his faith.  Philip took Sebastian so I could teach my religious education class (Ben’s 5th grade class) and attend Lucian’s First Communion Parents’ Meeting and church where Lucian and his little class of 3rd graders were introduced to the parish as soon-to-be First Communion recipients.  Lucian did a nice job reading both the announcements (before mass) then the First Reading.  Very proud of my little guy!!  He’s such a playful, silly kid… it’s nice to see his serious, focused side. 

Then I got to spend the afternoon with my mom and sisters as we celebrated at a bridal shower of one of our family friends.  I love that we have family friends since we were children and we are still friends. I am grateful for this friendship. It was a nice luncheon and time spent with “the girls”.  

And then, home to be with my hubby, boys and doggie!   All in all a nice weekend.   And for that, I am grateful.


Until tomorrow…

. Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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