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Our Moms & Wonder – Day 11

Our Moms & Wonder – Day 11

by Renee Bodkin

We are – I am – so fortunate to have my mom and Philip’s mom in our lives. 

So today – just because it was on my mind A LOT today – I am grateful for


Don’t get me wrong, not a day doesn’t go by that I am not grateful for these amazing women but today I wanted to call them out.  In case they weren’t sure. 

Thank you both for who you are to me, to Philip, and to our boys.  


Mom – For making me the woman I am today.  Kind. Loving. Strong.   You have shaped me and been there for me throughout all my life.  I love you with all my heart. 

My Mom & I This is me and my Mom (and my hubby, Philip).

Theresa Thank you for giving me Philip.  Yes, we can insert a lil joke in here I’m sure but you know what I mean.  We are Blessed to have you in our lives.   Thank you for being there for us. 

Theresa, Cioci, Margaret

This is Theresa and her sisters, Monica and Margaret (also some pretty special women).

Also today – I am grateful for the book, Wonder by R.J. Palacio .  Wonder

I got this book for Benjamin for Christmas as it was a book a book club we’d like to be a part of should we find time in our crazy, busy schedule read a couple months ago.  I had heard good things about it so thought it would be a nice addition to our super library of books.  Ben started reading it today and then I picked it up and started reading it (to see what was so special about it).  Well… needless to say 315 pages later in less than a day… it’s an amazing book.  For adults.  For young adults.  For children.  It’s a story about a 5th grade boy.  I don’t want to share anything else because well… it speaks for itself when you open it up.  I can’t wait to have some good discussions with Ben as he gets into it (he read 30 pages in the car in about a half hours time so I hope it draws him in as much as it did I). 

Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin


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