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Busy week.  Good week.  Challenging week.  My brain is in overload mode.  How does one still thy brain?


On Day  6 of juicing.  Juiced exclusively for 5 days and now will eat one meal a day while still juicing.  Still need to incorporate some form of workout.  God help me.  I am just having a tough time taking the plunge and starting.  Feel good.  Not hungry.  Was exceptionally tired, worn down on day 3 and the end of day 5 but who knows if it’s from the exclusive juicing or the fact that my life is non-stop GO-GO-GO.  I am enjoying the juicing and I am seeing results so we shall keep at it.


Work.  Exam week.  A good thing, I suppose.  Though I have administered 3 exams in the past 2 days which is a bit much – especially when I worry more than the students about their success (sadly).  Additionally I have a bunch of IEPs to finish this week from past meetings.  These plans are tedious and cumbersome to write so I am slowly getting through the list.  As well, it is the end of the 2nd marking period so I have a desk covered in papers that need to either be graded or grades inputted into the grading software.


Scouting.  It’s a good thing.  It is.  But it is also a time consuming thing.  Lucian is a Webelos I Cub Scout and I am the Committee  Chair for his pack.  Ben and Seb are Boy Scouts (2nd class and Life ranks respectively) and I am also the Committee Chair for their troop.  Sebastian is active in Order of the Arrow (I too am a member) and he is planning to go to NOAC this summer — he has “bigger plans” for OA.  And… I am involved at the council level on the University of Scouting Committee, training for the new Cub Scout program, and helping with the Wood Badge Potlatch.  Keep in mind that our family (or some combination of us) will be camping Jan 30- Feb 1st, Feb 13-15th, and Feb 20-22nd.  Yes.. that is 3 out of 4 weekends in the middle of winter!


Schooling.  Homeschooling is going fantastically.  The boys are finishing up their 2nd quarter.  They are all doing well.  For the most part I am pleased with their curriculum.  Math is great.  I’d like to add a more focused writing curriculum for them but how to adjust what they are doing so I don’t have to pile more on top of them… something I’m pondering.  I love the flexibility.  I had someone mention this weekend how they’ve noticed how well this homeschooling thing is working for my boys – that makes me happy.







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