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Patience – Day 56

Patience – Day 56

By Renée Bodkin


After a couple days of my lovely boys pushing the limit or maybe just trying to push me over the edge…

I am grateful for patience. 

Patience is tough sometimes, especially in a home with 3 active boys.   I am not perfect.  Ask my husband.  Ask my boys.  Sometimes I am not as patient as I should be.  Sometimes I snap at their antics too quick.  Sometimes I don’t take a deep breath and put things in perspective.  But fortunately, sometimes I am patient.  Sometimes I do put things in perspective.  And I am becoming more and more aware of my reactions and patience.

Patience again

Keeping in mind that these boys — are just that — boys.  They are loud.  They are active.  They forget the rules.  They use my furniture as a playground.  They argue and call names.  They wrestle and throw stuff.  They sneak snacks.  They complain about helping.

My boys are just boys.  Also, they are creative.  They are entertaining.  They play well together.  They protect each other.  They are polite and helpful.  They are learning and they are learners.  They help.  They say, “I love you.”  They give kisses goodnight.  They are my boys.

So… when I put things in perspective and remember to be patient, things are better.  The first line of one of my favorite scriptures is, “Love is patient.”  This is why it’s so important to be patient but I love these crazy boys.  And LOVE IS PATIENT.

Love is patient

Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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