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Perseverance & Kindness – Day 33

Perseverance & Kindness – Day 33

By Renée Bodkin

The words PERSEVERANCE & KINDNESS are the recipients of my gratitude today.


Perseverance is defined as steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.  Some synonyms for perseverance are persistence, tenacity, determination, purposefulness, dedication, commitment, tirelessness.

That sounds about right.  This girl… after this long, long weekend was going to skip doing the blog tonight.  It just wasn’t going to happen.  I’m tired.  I’m spent — physically and emotionally and mentally.  The thought of the week ahead is enough to make me want to crawl into bed and not set my alarm for tomorrow morning.  This is the truth.  But then… something came over me.  That word — perseverance.  And I changed my mind.  And here I am at 10:45 PM writing my blog because dangit I made a commitment to myself to do this.  That’s it.  I am grateful that I have this degree of perseverance.


And then… KINDNESS.  Kindness of others, that is.   So many people have overwhelmed me with their kindness this weekend.  Offers of help, prayers and good thoughts… the list goes on and on.   My sisters, Bonnie and MaryBeth, surprised me with meals today. 

Let me explain.  The boys and I left Philip home alone for a couple hours today to celebrate my Mom’s birthday at my sister’s house.   As we were getting ready to leave, they said, “We have some meals for you.”  And… out came 3 (4 if you include the leftover pizza and wings from the party) meals for us to freeze or eat this week!  Bonnie even explained to Sebastian how HE is supposed to prepare the crockpot pot roast meal!!  I almost lost it.  I almost busted out into tears.  So, thank you for your kindness, Bonnie and MaryBeth!!    Be Kind.   Spread Kindness.  It makes a difference.  Really. 


Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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