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Pinewood Derby Cars are Done – Day 45

Pinewood Derby Cars are Done – Day 45

By Renée Bodkin

Traditionally, Cub Scout Packs near and far are hosting their annual Pinewood Derby (usually in January or February).  Tomorrow is Pack 816’s Pinewood Derby.  The Bodkin Boys have been making cars for 7 years now.  We are grateful to have Gapa who has helped them with this along the way!

Last year, our pack tried something new and hosted a “car clinic” for boys and their families to bring their blocks of wood and work on their cars at the parish center with adults who have the right tools and can provide help along the way!  It was a success!!  This year we had more than half of our pack’s boys bring their cars to design, cut, sand, and even paint at our car clinic (heck, we even had a follow-up car clinic). 

My boys had great car ideas with the help of their awesome Dad!  They brought their blocks of wood to the clinic and got them cut appropriately (thanks Mr Lewis and Mr Wichhart for your master cutting skills).  They sanded and painted with the help of Gapa (my dad).  Bodkin Media (also known as Philip Bodkin) provided the cool graphics (ideas collaborated by the boys and dad).  Then the boys took their cars to Mr Wichhart’s and he helped them put their wheels on (so they’ll hopefully ride smoothly down the track tomorrow). 

Now that is what I call… collaboration and working together!!  Lessons learned for my boys!! I am so grateful that they have these experiences and I am so grateful that these awesome cars are done and ready to roll tomorrow!!!

pinewood derby cars

Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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