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Pride and Achievement

Pride and Achievement


By Renee Bodkin


When my boys were little babies and toddlers, I used to marvel at their successes.  It seemed that each day was something new and I was just so proud of the little (and big) accomplishments of my sweet boys as they grew.  I wondered – almost sadly – about the days when things would be different – when I wouldn’t be amazed and moved by those little accomplishments. 


I have a secret,  I have been a mom for 13 and a half years and I still feel the same way about my boys.  I am forever proud of my boys.  I still get that feeling of warmth in my heart at them and their achievements. 


Sometimes it’s as small as Sebastian remembering to do the dishes without having to be asked.  Or… a day like today when Sebastian was presented at his Boy Scout meeting with his Life rank.  He is now one step below the highest rank of Eagle.  He is focused and driven.  I am just so proud.  He is currently the ASPL – Assistant Senior Patrol Leader for the troop.  The troop of over 40 boys.   He is often the SPL (Senior Patrol Leader) when the SPL is not in attendance.  I watched him work the room at the troop meeting last night – leading the boys in their opening ceremony, helping boys with advancements, making sure the groups working on badges were doing okay, and providing encouragement and support throughout the meeting.  He does such a nice job and the boys in the troop are awesome.  They are positive and receptive and they respect Sebastian and his leadership.  And… that makes me proud of the troop!! 


We recently got Benjamin’s merit badges sewn onto his sash.  He’s been a Boy Scout for about 6 months and he’s already earned 7 merit badges.  I am so proud of him and his quiet drive to move forward.   He’s currently working on Citizenship in the Nation, Dog Care, Pets,  Art, and Entrepreneurship.  He is even taking the initiative to talk to the art teacher at his art class at the Albright Knox Art Gallery.  Yes, five badges! 


And then there is Lucian.  He’s doing well in Scouts – Cub Scouts.  He’s like an “honorary” Boy Scout already because he tags along with us for all of our Boy Scout things.  He’s done the 5 mile hike for the 2nd class rank.  He was there for the many hours while the big boys earned their First Aid merit badge even participating in emergency preparedness drills.  He’s done lashings to help the patrol he was with make a “shelter”.  He’s just one of the boys!  He makes me proud in all of these situations.     Today I am proud of him for his effort and focus on his schoolwork.  He completed a Layers of the Earth poster today.  He looked up the information for the “key”.  He used a compass to draw the circles and made the circles in proportion to the actual size of the layers. 



Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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