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Productive Household – Day 138

Productive Household – Day 138

By Renee Bodkin

I got home today and I couldn’t help but to be overwhelmed with gratitude at the sight of a happy, productive household.  Not that it isn’t normally (sometimes it is, sometimes not so much… depends on the day)… I just had that overwhelming sense of gratitude.  I had to take pictures even (sometimes I forget to take pictures when a “moment” happens). 

Philip was working at his desk in our home office. 

Benjamin was chilling out on our bed with his science work (and Max). 


Sebastian was at his desk working feverishly on the latest project.  I should write about his website and projects soon.


 And Lucian was at the dining room table with a big stack of Magic Treehouse books.  He “found” them a few days ago and is whipping through them fast and furiously.  It’s funny… Lucian’s a random reader.  He’s good at it but he’s not one to ALWAYS have a book in hand (like his brothers).  Well… for some reason he pulled out one of the Magic Treehouse books the other day and he’s done with 3 (maybe 4 of them) already.   Ahhhh… this warmed my heart.  Especially for a Friday of a long weekend! 



Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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