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Programming, What’s That? – Day 123

Programming, What’s That?  – Day 123

By Renee Bodkin

Grateful for the never-ending opportunities I can give my boys.  Boy Scouts of America just this year introduced one of their newest merit badges, Programming.  Looking at the over 100 merit badges, there are more and more STEM and Tech-focused merit badges. Opportunities for boys as young as 10 (Benjamin is a new Boy Scout and won’t turn 11 yrs old until August).


Benjamin and Sebastian joined a very small group of boys from a  local troop and their leader in a computer lab and learned about Programming.  What they learned is above me.  I can blog, sure.  But Programming and the languages of Programming is completely beyond my knowledge.  They created accounts at Code Academy and completed portions of different programming courses.   They took the first part of the course tonight.  They came out of the class invigorated and empowered.  They were definitely the youngest boys in the course (I’d say the other boys were 14/15 year olds) and they learned and had fun!!

Seb Programming My BoysIsn’t that what it’s all about?!?


While they were in the class, Philip and I got to spend some time with Lucian.  We enjoyed dinner and he played at school playground where the big boys were taking the class.   It was interesting to see him playing “alone”.  Some younger boys enlisted his help because they were too short to get on one of the pieces of playground equipment.  It was sweet to see him be kind and helpful with these little boys.   See —- the boys couldn’t reach the top so they piled up wood chips!  🙂

Lucian Playing

Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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