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Quality Time with Friends and Baby Birds – Day 140

Quality Time with Friends and Baby Birds – Day 140

By Renee Bodkin


Today was a relaxing Sunday morning.  We spent some time just relaxing as a family.  Stop.  Re-read.  Yes, we actually did nothing.  Just relaxed.


Later in the day we headed out to our friends, The Saads.  This is family we know from Scouting but we really don’t get opportunities to just hang out as friends.  Today we did.


Their son is 15 years old but he was great with my boys.  They had  such a nice time hanging out with Alex and just exploring.  Alex is an awesome guitar player so he gave Ben and Seb a mini-lesson since Ben hasn’t had an opportunity to learn anything on his guitar yet (he got it for Christmas).  Lucian found a bird nest (it fell out of a tree he was climbing) so he rescued the baby birds — he didn’t touch them… he used small pieces of bark to put them back into their nest.

baby birds


We got to sit around and chat.  We had a really good dinner (ribs off the grill).  And we had a fire and the kids made Smores.Annmarie and I made modified Smores without marshmallows because they were too messy.  Philip and Lou talked business and guy stuff.


All in all a great evening.  Grateful for good friends… and of course, Baby Birds. 


Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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