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Reflecting On and Defining Gratitude

Reflecting On and Defining Gratitude

By Renee Bodkin


Reflecting on gratitude.  Gratitude is a shift of focus from all that is missing in one’s life to the focus on the abundance that can be found each and every day (sometimes you have to look deep within but I swear, it’s there).  Focusing on gratitude reduces stress and inadvertently grows happiness.  Focusing on gratitude creates optimism and increases energy.  It needs to be said that sharing one’s gratitude does not say that everything in one’s life is necessarily great, it’s just means that one is aware of the Blessings in one’s life. 



A good way to re-focus your gratitude is to think about all of the things that you take for granted.  The warmth of your home, shoes on your feet, feet that walk…. then imagine no warmth, no shoes, no feet.  Bet you’d be immensely grateful to then regain these things!   Do not take these things for granted.  Remember the simple pleasures and blessings and bring gratitude to your experiences and life.  Change comes from within.


Then… slowly over time once you shift your focus you come to see that even amidst stress and noise and all the burdens of “everyday” life, you realize that you truly are rich beyond words.  


So start today — practice gratitude daily. Commit to it.  Begin with a scrap of paper or a Facebook post.  Take time to put it in words.  Then feel it.  Sometimes it won’t be easy to feel the gratitude.  But keep at it.  And dig deep. And share it!  And don’t stop. 



Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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