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Regrouping and Reevaluating

Regrouping and Reevaluating

By Renee Bodkin


I’m not sure what to do.  I have been sporadically blogging.  Or I’ll do a super, catch-up writing session because I know what I wanted to write about on a specific day.  But… obviously since today is June 25th and I last wrote on June 1st… this daily thing isn’t realistic.

Ideas running through my head:

*Blog once a week about all the stuff I was grateful for that week.

*Blog as the whim hits like I am now though then I am caught in the catch up game.

*If I don’t blog daily… then it’s really not 365 Grateful.  So is my personal challenge and goal then not met?

*I get so frustrated with unmet goals.  That defeats the purpose of why I started this then, right?

*Sometimes when I think about writing my blog at the end of the day I am so tired and frustrated because well… life is difficult.

*Life is difficult.  Gosh… I’m grateful but really… it would be super if things would settle down a bit.


So… all this has just confused me more.  I guess at this point I’m still going to aim for daily.  And play the catch up game when I get behind.  This is a journey.  Life – itself – is a journey.  No right or wrong answers just paths we travel and mountains we climb.


So… Watch for some “catch up” gratefulness for June 2 through June 24.   I already have 8-10 planned because although this month has been filled with ups and downs… there is still so much to be grateful for!


Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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