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Roswell Park Cancer Institute – Day 31

Roswell Park Cancer Institute – Day 31


By Renée Bodkin

First of all — Cancer Sucks. 

I hate that it seems like everyone has been touched in some way by cancer.  But when you are there in the room, when a loved one (or you yourself) is told “You have cancer.”  It takes on an even deeper and more wretched meaning.  It rips at your heart.  It shakes your world.  It takes hope and faith and makes you question every belief you have ever had.  Then reality sets in.  Life keeps going.  So, you learn to live a new reality where you have to let go and give it all to Him.  Even when you are shaken and question “why”, what else can you do but give it to God and place it in his hands? 

If you didn’t read yesterday, Philip has cancer. Thyroid cancer.  But, don’t worry… it’s the “good cancer” – as his doctor explained when he told us the “news”.  I like Philip’s doctor.  I like him a lot.  But I kind of wanted to laugh in his face or say, “What the *&%?” at that one.  Okay, I get it but seriously… “good cancer” is kind of an oxymoron.  So today Philip had the rest of his thyroid removed here at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. 

It went well.  It went quicker than I expected.  And he’s sleeping here beside me now in Room 7621 at 9:30pm .  His throat hurts terribly but   that seems like it’s to be expected.  They gave him some morphine in his IV and he’s sleeping.  Sleep is good after  a restless night anticipating and worrying and then major cancer surgery.  I’m here to make sure he’s taken care of.  Need water?  Here I am.  Need help sitting up?  Here I am.  Just need to hold my hand?  Here I am.


BUT… this is supposed to be a grateful blog post so… I’m grateful for Roswell Park Cancer Institute.  His doctor is awesome.  The nurses and anesthesiologists are great.  They have wonderful volunteers.  Food is pretty good.  Clerical and even cleaning staff are friendly and upbeat.  For such a miserable place, they really do everything in their power to make your experience pleasant and comfortable.  

So despite this stressful situation, at least we are in a competent, caring place. 

And again… I am humbled and grateful for all of my family and friends. 

My mother-in-law and aunt-in-law, Theresa and Monica (best known as Cioci), who are taking care of the Bodkin Boys.  My Dad who took Luc and Ben camping with Cub Scouts for the weekend.  My coworker for dropping off my paycheck to my house. My sisters for calling and texting.  And most importantly today for *me* — MY MOM.  She showed up here at 7 AM and was with me during the whole wait.   It was nice spending that time with her.  We ate a nice breakfast.  We sat and waited.  We talked, we sat quietly and played our games and read, we had cake as a snack in the cafeteria (which seemed like a great idea until we took our last bites and reconsidered yikes it was sweet), we waited some more.  Then we finally  got to see Philip.  So, thank you Mom for waiting with me.

And friends and family who have texted and Facebooked and “liked” my update about praying and Philip doing well.  Humbled, I tell ya!   Over 100 people thought of us today.  That is truly amazing.  Continued prayers appreciated so he can go home tomorrow and heal well.  Then treatment in about 6 weeks.  So yes, prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.

Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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