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Saturday Gratitude – Day 139

Saturday Gratitude – Day 139

By Renee Bodkin

Spring is finally – for sure – here.  And summer is – I believe – right around the corner.  So we woke up with gratitude for a nice day and a weekend of family and friends.


We started the morning with some much needed yardwork.  Our backyard is tough (to say the least).  Thankfully the boys aren’t “little” so they aren’t limited to outdoor play in the backyard.  We have about a million trees back there (Philip says there are 14).  This is looking up into the sky in our backyard!  🙂


So… lots of shade, lots of leaves (since our fall was filled with medical issues, busy schedules, and crappy weather we never cleared all of the leaves), patchy grass, roots, rocks, and just a headache of “what to do next?”    So… we cleared some leaves, mowed the lawn, moved the trampoline, and mulched some leaves (ugh).  The work will never be done back there but the beauty of it is that we don’t care.  We will do what we can, when we can… but the aesthetics of my yard will not change my life.  So, I’m okay not having a golf course type lawn and perfectly manicured garden.  Life is about living.  So we did some work, enjoyed the outdoors (Max had a blast running around the backyard chasing birds), then moved on.


Date Night.  Philip bought a Groupon for a Comedy Club so we could go out with our friends, CJ and Amanda.  We rarely go out with friends so this seemed like a good choice.  Unfortunately, our night was cut short because Amanda got sick.  Another reason for me to be grateful for my health.  She has some health issues and she was so disappointed (as she was quite sick).  It is what it is.  Life goes on.  We felt worse for her.  We just wanted to spend some time with friends.  So… until another day.  Hope you feel better, Amanda.


Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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