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Sebastian – Day 27

Sebastian – Day 27

By Renée Bodkin

My dear oldest son, Sebastian. 

I am grateful for him each and every day.  As I am all of my boys.  But today, as he just kissed me good night and thanked me for “letting him” cook dinner with his new smile with braces, compelled me to write about him.  And share with you why he is so special (beyond the fact that he is my first born and all).   **Look he has braces!!!!**

Sebastian with braces


Sebastian is thoughtful and sensitive.  He cares about how others feel — especially me —  his sincerity and genuine kindness and empathy really means so much to me.  **Gosh I love his freckle face!!!**

Freckle face Seb

He’s a super helper.  He shovels, does laundry, does dishes (and we don’t have a dishwasher), he does pretty much anything that’s asked of him (unless he gets a moment of pre-teen angst which does happen from time to time — not to worry he’s not perfect as none of us are).   He cooks.  This is a new thing.  He’s a self-proclaimed foodie (which cracks me up) and is working on the Cooking merit badge for Boy Scouts.  He takes all of his merit badge work very seriously but he’s taking this “extra serious” because of his commitment to well… eating and food.  He made a crockpot meal last week, I emailed him the recipe and he put it all together.  Tonight he made tacos.  It was “just” browning the beef and prepping the stuff but he did it. 

He’s a hard worker.  He loves learning. He’s intrinsically motivated and thrives on gaining new knowledge.   He loves reading.  He’s a self-proclaimed “nerd”.  That makes me smile.  He understands that his obsessiveness about learning catapults him into that “nerd” category and he is fine with it because he knows that it will guide his future.  He has such a bright future.

He’s a worrier.  He worries about so much.  He worries about his dad’s health.  When his brothers are fighting and havoc ensues he worries about the added stress on myself and his dad. 

He’s a risk-taker and up to the challenge.  At Boy Scout camp this summer, he got it in his head that he was going to compete in the Iron Scout competition.  The smallest and youngest of the 8 or so boys who competed, he finished it and placed 3rd.  Please note, my son is many things but an athlete he is not.  But he loves to swim and kayak and he is fit enough to run so off he went!!  Also note, Camp Schoelkopf is known for it’s HILLS.  He ran miles (I can’t recall how many) up and down hills throughout camp!  Crazy, I tell ya!  So proud and surprised when I arrived to pick him up and found out Sebastian, my Sebastian, was an Iron Scout.  **See picture of my Iron Scout & of his newly created webpage — that he made and is making — sebastianbodkin.weebly.com!**

Sebastian's Website Iron ScoutHe’s mature and self-motivated.  He was doing some volunteer work with Cub Scouts recently at their Pinewood Derby and he was large and in-charge guiding group after group of boys in making a “dutch oven neckerchief” slide.  He used the EDGE method of teaching — Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable.  I was so proud watching him from afar as he helped each boy make his own creation (using a hot glue gun, too). 

Seb teaching

He’s quirky and awkward… and sweet and loving.  The thought of him becoming a young man scares me but I see it happening.  Needless to say, I am so proud of Sebastian.  Of the boy he is and the young man he is becoming.


Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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