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Sebastian Saves the Day (or Something Like That)

Sebastian Saves the Day (or Something Like That)

By Renee Bodkin


Memorial Day weekend. 


We were camping at Lazy Lakes.  We had visitors – Anna and the girls and Dad.   The kids swam.  The kids kayaked.  They fished and played.  It was a nice day.  I was cooking dinner (on our neighbor’s fire because that’s how we roll at Lazy Lakes – our grill wasn’t working so he offered his fire) when I heard the screaming and crying of a child.  I hustled towards the crying when I saw Sebastian entering the water at the lake’s edge and a tipped kayak with a little girl wearing a life jacket nearby crying.    Sebastian grabbed a kayak and was on his way to her aid.  He didn’t hesitate.  He paddled out to her quickly (as did other boaters) and a “rescue” ensued in the water.  They worked together to try to get the little girl into a canoe – Seb even got out of his kayak to try to boost her into the canoe – then the canoe tipped too.  The teenagers from the canoe and Seb (as well as two other guys in a rowboat) proceeded to get the panicking little girl into the rowboat and things settled down when the little girl made it to shore – shaken up but okay.  


So many emotions during this timeframe but mostly – gratitude that so many people are willing to help and pride that Sebastian didn’t hesitate to put his skills into action. 


I posted the one and only photo I got of the event on Facebook because well… that’s what I do.  Share with family and friends.  Sebastian is in the green shirt. 



Then — Jeff Preval from Channel 2 news messaged me on Facebook.  Philip is “friends” with him on The FB and he saw my post and was interested in the “story”.  I explained that although I’m sure it was scary for the little girl – she was safe and it wasn’t serious.  Any “story” was just about how prepared my 14 year old was to help.  How he didn’t hesitate.  And here is the story — it was pretty neat.  Exciting.  He handled it well.  He was humble and gracious of the attention.  I hope it’s a feeling he never forgets – that of helping others and working as a team to make a difference.   I am so proud of Sebastian.   




Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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