Sebastian Saves the Day (or Something Like That)

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Sebastian Saves the Day (or Something Like That)

By Renee Bodkin


Memorial Day weekend. 


We were camping at Lazy Lakes.  We had visitors – Anna and the girls and Dad.   The kids swam.  The kids kayaked.  They fished and played.  It was a nice day.  I was cooking dinner (on our neighbor’s fire because that’s how we roll at Lazy Lakes – our grill wasn’t working so he offered his fire) when I heard the screaming and crying of a child.  I hustled towards the crying when I saw Sebastian entering the water at the lake’s edge and a tipped kayak with a little girl wearing a life jacket nearby crying.    Sebastian grabbed a kayak and was on his way to her aid.  He didn’t hesitate.  He paddled out to her quickly (as did other boaters) and a “rescue” ensued in the water.  They worked together to try to get the little girl into a canoe – Seb even got out of his kayak to try to boost her into the canoe – then the canoe tipped too.  The teenagers from the canoe and Seb (as well as two other guys in a rowboat) proceeded to get the panicking little girl into the rowboat and things settled down when the little girl made it to shore – shaken up but okay.  


So many emotions during this timeframe but mostly – gratitude that so many people are willing to help and pride that Sebastian didn’t hesitate to put his skills into action. 


I posted the one and only photo I got of the event on Facebook because well… that’s what I do.  Share with family and friends.  Sebastian is in the green shirt. 



Then — Jeff Preval from Channel 2 news messaged me on Facebook.  Philip is “friends” with him on The FB and he saw my post and was interested in the “story”.  I explained that although I’m sure it was scary for the little girl – she was safe and it wasn’t serious.  Any “story” was just about how prepared my 14 year old was to help.  How he didn’t hesitate.  And here is the story — it was pretty neat.  Exciting.  He handled it well.  He was humble and gracious of the attention.  I hope it’s a feeling he never forgets – that of helping others and working as a team to make a difference.   I am so proud of Sebastian.


Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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