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Skylon Tower

Skylon Tower


By Renee Bodkin


Over Christmas break we went to the Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls, Canada.  It is literally minutes away and we’ve never been there.  We had a groupon deal to see the Battle of the Titans: Dinosaur exhibit (thanks Grandma T) and it was the perfect opportunity  to go!


Even though my boys aren’t big time dinosaur fanatics (like some boys I know) it was a really interesting and engaging exhibit. Hard to find works to describe how pleased I am when I watch my boys really care about reading and learning about new and different things. 

dad and boys

I can’t even could how many times they said things like, “Hey Dad, did you know *insert random dinosaur fact here*?”   We took our time and enjoyed the “learning portion” as much as the big, huge cool looking dino exhibit.  My favorites were the lil “baby” dinosaurs.  I’m sure the boys’ favorites were the ginormous scary dinosaurs. 


Before we went “up” to the dino exhibit we took some time to watch a glass blowing demonstration. The boys (and Philip and I) found it quite intriguing.  What an amazing art form!


 We decided to “go for it” and we booked a late lunch in the restaurant at the top of the Skylon Tower.  The ride up was interesting… packed into an elevator with a gorgeous view of Niagara Falls. 

I had 2 boys who were panicking a little bit.  Benjamin from the get go was not looking forward to “going up” since he’s afraid of heights (how did I not really know this about him…), I suppose I kind of knew since he’s not a fan of any rides at Fantasy Island that include going UP!   Well… surprisingly right when we were about to get on the elevator, Sebastian started to freak out — in Sebastian form — downplaying his anxiety and need to “hold someone’s hand”. 

Good news is… they both got over it right away (once we were on the elevator) and the excitement of the view (and lunch) dimmed their worries.   Lunch was good but the view was amazing.  Then because we *had to*, we went to the very top, to the Observation Deck. 


Gorgeous, amazing, spectacular — breath-taking — that’s the word. 

It was pretty cold out and we got to see the falls from different angles.  The boys walked (RAN) around the whole thing to see every view.  Such a happy day.  Filled with memories and fun.  And for your viewing pleasure a glimpse of our “day”. 

20141228_134533 20141228_134746 20141228_134833 20141228_134241


Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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