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Smart Phones – Day 147

Smart Phones – Day 147

By Renee Bodkin


Focusing on gratitude helps me focus on the things we often take for granted. 

My Smart Phone is one of those things I don’t dare take for granted.  The kind of smartphone is relative.  Philip does all the research and finds the “right” phones for us and I’m fine with it.  Right now I have a Samsung Galaxy 3.  And… I am grateful for it.

It keeps me in touch — via phone, text, email, Facebook.

It serves as GPS when I am unsure of directions.

It is Google at my fingertips.  And the Weather Channel.

It provides me music to my heart’s content.

It’s my camera and video.

It keeps my calendar close at hand – in case you haven’t caught on I’m a busy person.

It keeps me in touch with my bank, Amazon, Kindle, and a plethora of games.

It’s a Hot Spot when I need to “connect” to the internet. 

I am grateful for my Smart Phone. 




Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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