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Star Wars Bison Game – Day 154

Star Wars Bison Game – Day 154

By Renee Bodkin

Yesterday was a long, fun day!!  After the merit badge class we went to the Buffalo Bisons Star Wars Night!!  It was fantastic!!  An amazing night!!  Before the game… light sabers and lots of characters!!  The game itself was fun with a Star Wars themed movie playing throughout.  Then… it got dark.  Looked amazing… and then the fireworks!!  A perfect night for a family night!!


Hey  look… we walked all around the park… our seats were wayyyyy on the other side (in the hot, hot sun)!!  Lots of fun!!!  SW


Darkness sets in and a sea of light sabers throughout the stadium!!  How cool is that??!SW

My boys… having a blast!SW


Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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