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Support of Many Kinds on Day 30

Support and Peace on Day 30

By Renée Bodkin

Today is a stressful day.  It is the day before Philip has surgery to remove his cancerous thyroid. His first surgery was in October where they removed the growth from the right side of his thyroid, at that point they didn’t think it was cancerous.  So, upon taking it and testing it… they found out it was.  So surgery to remove the rest was scheduled for December… only to have his surgeon call the morning of surgery to say he fell in his driveway shoveling and he couldn’t do it.  So… here we are January 31st is the day. 

Today I had to administer an exam at work, prep for a substitute teacher, get some paperwork organized at work… come home to help clear the parking spot in front of our house of frozen, caked on snow so we could have appropriate parking for Gramma T, Cioci (Philip’s aunt), and Grammy — our babysitters for the weekend.  Then off to a dental appointment and errands to get last minute stuff for the boys’ camping trip.  Yes, I said CAMPING.  Our  Cub Scout pack’s annual cabin campout was planned long ago for this weekend so Gapa is taking Benjamin and Lucian tomorrow for the weekend for some fun at Camp Scouthaven.   Fortunately the boys are good about preparing, we gave them their lists and they gathered all of their stuff.  I then proceeded to make sure they were good and help them get it packed into their bags.  Throw into the mix some car jockeying because my dad is taking our car camping (it’s bigger) and we’re taking his car to Roswell.  Needless to say… I’m spent and stressed.  And then… dinner.  I didn’t feed them cereal which a good friend suggested… it was a step up… eggs and toast.  And they are quite content with that thankfully.

And I came here to write about what I’m grateful for… SUPPORT and PEACE.   

PRAYER.  And what God gives us…

I am so grateful for friends and family — calls and texts and Facebook messages from so many people offering to help and just saying that they’re thinking of us and praying.  Your support is so greatly appreciated!!  And tomorrow, as well.  Thank you!!

Peace.  I’m grateful for that peace deep inside me when I’m seconds away from freaking out, melting down, screaming, crying, or emotionally losing it… I have this peace that talks me down.  Gives me the strength to make dinner.  Gives me the strength to not yell because the boys are fighting.  Gives me the strength to keep my focus.


And this article, I need to find it and re-read it… hang on… “Yes, God Will Give You More Than You Can Handle”.    This has helped me immensely since I read it the first time.  So, I am grateful for this thought.  I firmly believe it.  Do read the article, it is insightful.

And… this prayer.  The Miracle Prayer.  My mom shared it with me on January 7th.  And I’ve been praying it daily, multiple times a day sometimes… and this too helps me.  So, this too… I am grateful for.  Thank you, Mom for sharing it with me!!

Miracle Prayer

So there ya have it… even in the midst of immense stress.  My gratitude has helped me stay sane and focused.



Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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