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Swimming on a Cold Day – Day 71

Swimming on a Cold Day – Day 71

By Renee Bodkin

Once in a while, I have a great brainstorm.  This evening’s “den meeting” night was a result of that.  Today is St. Patrick’s Day.  Some people have family traditions so I thought that having Cub Scout den meetings might be a futile attempt with low attendance so I decided to cancel den meetings and meet at NFHS for “Family Swim” instead.  It’s been a LONG, LONG winter.  It’s been cold and snowy.  Really, really cold and really, really snowy.  So being active and getting the kids out and active is a challenge.  This was a great opportunity for the boys’ whose families didn’t have any St Patty’s plans to go swimming!   Not to mention, Mr Charlie — my dad and the Cubmaster for our pack — had surgery on his foot/ankle so I knew we’d be down one leader as well.   (Sidenote:  The surgery went fine and he’s home recovering).

We only had 8 boys come and swim.  But… that is okay!  That was the point of it.  And the boys who swam had a great time!!  They swam and laughed and jumped and swam some more!!  I believe they all probably went home tired from over an hour of fun!  That is what being a kid and being part of a group is all about!

And for that… I am grateful!! 

Until tomorrow…

. Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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