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Technology – Day 23

Technology – Day 23

By Renée Bodkin


I am grateful for technology.  Technology of all kinds today.  I’m grateful for the ability and knowledge to grow and learn sometimes picking up and learning new things quickly, other times depending on the good ol’ internet or good ol’ hubby to help me out.  Either way, my laptop (new this summer so I’m still learning to navigate Windows 8), my fabulous Samsung Galaxy 3 smartphone, and all the other neat gadgets in my life are grouped in this fabulous category of “technology”.

This technology gives me the opportunity to reach out, learn, escape, enjoy, keep up to date, organize, and educate. 

Which brings me to why “TECHNOLOGY” struck a chord for me today.  Sebastian, always eager to learn, started an online course a couple weeks ago.  It’s called Digital Learning.  It’s a free 6-week course online.  The website is www.homespun-school.net.

Thus far he loves it.  He’s learning.  He’s engaged.  He’s self-motivated.  He paces his classwork throughout the week.  And, of course, he’s learning (did I mention that yet?!).  The course description lists this as what they will learn:  website creation, portfolio process, embed codes, screenshots, cyber safety, web2.0 tools, Google presentations, sharing settings, and peer review guidelines.   

Sebastian's Website

Check out Sebastian’s website. The great thing is… he’s doing it all on his own.  A great example of this is his assignment for this week –  it can be found at “More”, “Portfolio”, then “Uncle Albert”.  He did the work, submitted it, then re-read the assignment only to see that he overlooked an important direction (he could only “shop” at certain online stores and he used Amazon, not one of the 3 choices).  So… he had to re-do the whole project.  A tough lesson to learn but he was fine with it and got it done in no time (since it was the second time around anyways).  I like the setup of the course.  The teacher interacts very regularly with the students and if he wants the student to make changes, he gives them a “zero” with directions on what to change, the student makes the changes then earns full points.  I like this level of project learning. 


Grateful today for technology and the ability to learn technology.

Sebastian is 12 years old and he’s building a great foundation for his future. 

Whatever direction he decides he will have a strong knowledge of technology which can only help him along the way!

Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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One Comment

  1. It’s education where it should exist–on a shelf that is just at the edge of reach for the students. Usually we bring the education and plop it directly in front of the kids, with a spoon or spork already plunged into the textureless substance. “Eat” we say. “It’s good for you” we say. And they reject it.

    When we do project-based learning, especially when students have to be responsible for their own reading of directions and have to figure out how to make/build/create on their own, ESPECIALLY when they have to stand on tip-toe to get it–that’s when education becomes satisfying.

    Sebastian is the lucky one. He hasn’t been indoctrinated into eating what’s plunked down for him. He is used to reaching for his own education, so http://www.Homespun-School.net classes are already suitable for him.

    Here’s another one where the education is just out of reach: http://code.org/learn

    Good job, Renee. Well done.

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