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Teeth – Day 87

Teeth – Day 87

By Renee Bodkin


The title is kind of generic.  I am grateful for teeth – good teeth, teeth that need saving, teeth that need fixing – and the ability to take care of all of these teeth in my household.  I have dental coverage.  I’m sure it could be better but then again it could be worse so I am grateful for what I have.  And as I wrote about early in the year, I am grateful for our dentist who takes such good care of us.


Today, Sebastian got the next phase of his orthodontic treatment put on.  Bottom braces.  He’s been a trooper.  He had a funny upper mouth plate, then they added the top braces, adjusted them some, then today took off the mouth plate and added the bottom braces.  It hurts.  Not only does it hurt, it affects how he plays his trumpet.  But he’s smart enough to appreciate the bigger picture.  He understands that when all is said and done, he’ll have a $5,000 smile. 


Until tomorrow…

. Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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