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Test Results & Stitches Out – Day 43

Test Results & Stitches Out – Day 43

By Renée Bodkin

This afternoon Philip had his post-op check up and stitches out appointment at Roswell.  For those not familiar with Roswell Park Cancer Institute, feel free to read this.

After a long wait.  There is always a long wait and I’d never complain because the waiting room is always packed full of patients who are often in a more difficult situation than even we are.  It’s a cancer hospital.  People need to be seen and treated.  So, you patiently wait and it’s always well worth the wait because then you get your time with the doctor.  

Philip was first seen by the resident, Dr. Crane.  He was there for the surgery.  He’s a young, intelligent guy and he assessed Philip’s incision and we discussed how things were going then we got to see his “real” doctor.  Dr. Cohan is great.  He agreed with Dr. Crane about Philip’s situation and removed half the stitches because of a bit of drainage and swelling earlier in the week — he gets an antibiotic for a week and then he goes back next Thursday.  Better to be safe than sorry.  Dr. Cohan says, “If it starts to look angry, call me.  You have my cell.”  And we do.  Because that’s the type of doctor he is.  Plus I think he knows that Philip’s not crazy and isn’t going to blow up his phone with randomness.   And then the good news — the pathology results came back.  There was NO CANCER in his thyroid.  Thank God!  So this seemingly means that the cancer was only in the growth that was removed back in October.  So… I’m more optimistic. 

So today… day 43… I am grateful for negative test results and some stitches out. 

Good Things

Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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