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The Word of God Through Song

The Word of God Through Song

By Renee Bodkin


Humbled.  Blessed.  Grateful. 


Those are just a few things I’m feeling right now.  This evening I had the great opportunity of attending a concert.  Not just any concert though — it was called the En-kata Maasai Choir.  I was going to get into the back story of our good friends and how we met and such but that would be a tangent in a direction that isn’t necessary for this story so I’ll leave it at this — our good friends are missionaries who have lived in Africa and they facilitated this concert and invited our Cub Scout pack to come!  


This was a group of 10 African men and women who have an immensely strong faith system.  Their Christianity and their belief in God is so strong that they have gone through turmoil back home to be Christians.  They are traveling through Canada and America to raise money to build a school for their children in a land so very far away – not just in distance but in comforts that we are so accustomed to.  They don’t have enough water.  They don’t have cars.  They sing for their children – for education – for opportunities. 


I was moved by their humility, their honesty, and their message of faith.  It made me so very grateful for the life I live and the life I can provide for my children.  I am grateful to have experienced the Word of God through Song!



Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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