This Year: 2015

This Year: 2015


By Renee Bodkin


Resolutions are a fantastic concept.  Really, they are.  But I am now a realist, I used to be an optimist — don’t get me wrong, I still see the glass as half full but I know that in just a second of time someone can take a sip from that glass and it’s empty — both literally and figuratively.  *sigh*  Reality happens.

So… instead of resolutions.  I have goals.  Long term. Short term.  Some that are clear cut, some that are all over the place.  Some I write a “ticket” for because they are *that* important.  Ticket, you ask??  It’s a Wood Badge thing.   Wood Badge is a Boy Scout thing.

Hey… that’s a good blog idea.  Where can I keep blog ideas, a running list of ideas of things to write about per se??  Oh my gosh, I am so unfocused.  I have so much potential to get off track because my brain always takes side-turns and veers off the path and off onto something different.  ADHD?  I’m not.  But sometimes I surely feel it.  


So anyways… to make a long story (or blog post) short, a ticket is a written commitment to complete a set of small goals to fulfill a larger goal.  So yes, goals.  I make them.   I saw these 2 “images” on Pinterest (I have a thing with Pinterest, like… I love it.) 

Hey… there’s another good blog idea.  Things I love.  Things that make me smile.  Write this stuff down already, Renee!! 

So anyways… back to the images.  I wanted to share with you. Me sharing these images is ME writing my goals down. At least here on my blog.  Me sharing my goals  —  which from what I’ve read you have a greater chance of fulfilling your goals if you #1 – write them down and #2 – share them.  There you go.  So here is me sharing. 

This Year


This is so accurate I felt it was worthy of being my “list of goals”.  And… ironically… this —- 

Every Single Day


Why?  You ask… because I thought this was funny. 

Little secret —  I *sometimes* swear. And my goal to “Break a Bad Habit” is to stop swearing. 

But… anyways… there’s a funny story where I was so amazed that I saw a fox trotting down the Robert Moses Parkway next to my house that I said (and yes it’s in ALL CAPS for a reason), 


And… hubby found this beyond funny that my vocabulary was so “strong”.  He was so amused that he told a friend of ours (whom I’ve never heard swear and I probably wouldn’t swear when speaking to him).  So… now it’s a running joke.  Me and the *mother-fucking-fox*.  *sigh*  Shh… don’t judge though.  This mom, teacher, Scouter, leader, catechist… swears.  But I’m working on it.  Really… I am.


Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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