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Those Who Make It Happen – Day 13

Those Who Make It Happen – Day 13

by Renée Bodkin


After a long winter break and then a week off due to the nasty weather, we are finally back to Scout meetings.  

We are a Scouting family.  Ben and Lucian are in Cub Scouts, Sebastian is in Boy Scouts, Philip is an Assistant Council Commissioner, and I am a jack-of-all-trades – Pack and Troop Committee Chairperson, Webelos Den Leader, and Wood Badge staffer.  

So, “back to meetings”  means more than just dropping the boys off for an hour or so for me.  It means planning the meetings, preparing for the coming events (Pinewood Derby and Winter Camping), and coordinating the people who make it all happen. 

*the people who make it all happen*

That – today – is what I am grateful for… the people who make it all happen. 

The parents, grandparents, and others who help make it all run smoothly by volunteering their time.  I am so fortunate to have so many active people involved in our Scouting family. 

We have a den leader whose son is on the fence about scouting yet this dad and Eagle Scout college-age brother still come to help that small den work towards earning their Webelos Citizen badge. 

We have a mom of one of my Webelos II boys who is always the first to step up to bring snacks and supplies.  And when there is a law enforcement requirement (safety in our community, community helpers, etc), today is was Bear achievement “Law Enforcement is a Big Job” — she comes in full uniform gives a nice interactive lesson, shows some of her police equipment and does fingerprinting with the boys.  It’s times like these… that make me smile.

What about the dad whose boy has moved up to Boy Scouts but he’s an Engineer — so he gives of his time to share some of his awesome knowledge for the boys working on the Engineer badge.  Heck, we actually had 3 different engineer dads talk about aspects of engineering.  That was pretty cool for the boys!

Hiking and Exploring

It’s the grandpa, my dad actually… who stepped up first as a den leader years ago when Sebastian was just a lil Cub Scout and is now the Cubmaster!

Tie Dying Shirts for Summer Camp

The mom who is a professor at Niagara University and has 3 younger children who stepped up as our pack treasurer and as a den leader.  Her knowledge and input are guiding the pack in the right direction.  And her husband who stepped up and ran our first ever pancake breakfast which was a great success.  Not to mention the zillion gingerbread house pieces he made *from scratch* for the whole pack to make one to take home.  Talk about a fun, memorable activity!

Wolves with Leaders

The dad of 5 children who does missionary work in Africa  yet still makes time to be a den leader and always shows up at service projects with hands to work. 

Gingerbread House Event

It’s these people whom I am grateful for.  The ones whom I have described and the ones whom I haven’t. Picture taking mom.  Tie dye t-shirt mom.  Old Cubmaster, now Scoutmaster. All of you — Thank You!

Recently, I told a new scouting mom, “You do what you can do.  If right now all you can do is bring the boys and help pass out paper or crayons… THAT is enough.”   Because I know, if you can…. you will.


Thank you to all those who help make it happen!! 


Until tomorrow…
Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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