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Trees, Leaves, and Change of Season

Trees, Leaves, and Change of Season


By Renee Bodkin


Trees and Leaves.


As I was leaf blowing and raking and leaf blowing and raking some more… it was difficult to feel gratitude.  We have SO. MANY. LEAVES.  The cleanup process of these leaves is not one we look forward to each fall.  But somewhere (deep within) I am grateful for the trees and leaves because in the bigger picture those trees and leaves equate to nature and the change of seasons and THOSE are things I am so grateful for. 


You see, I enjoy the change of season.  I am grateful for change. I am grateful for the opportunity to restart and rejuvenate.  Therefore I am grateful for the never-ending leaves piling up in my yard.  Though anyone interested in helping tackle the leaves — please oh please — feel free to let me know.  We can barely keep up with the leaves in the front and sides — let me just show you what awaits us in the back.  *gasp*


Then… it started to sprinkle.  Rain drops on my glasses as I raced to beat the rain.  I knew it was a battle that wouldn’t be won today.  The leaves would be left for another day. 

So today — I was grateful for those stinkin’ leaves and trees.  But I’ll be even more grateful on the day I have a team of helpers to tackle the rest.  Volunteers welcome. 



Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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