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Veteran’s Memorial Clean Up – Day 134

Veteran’s Memorial Clean Up – Day 134


By Renee Bodkin

Our Niagara Falls Boy Scout Troop 816 has been fortunate enough to be the volunteer organization in charge of maintaining the upkeep of the new Veteran’s Memorial in Hyde Park.  It’s a gorgeous memorial filled with names of local veterans.  The boys had the opportunity to come out this evening and clean it up (sweeping and wiping down it down) in preparation for the Memorial Day parade.  I am grateful for the opportunity for the boys to serve our community while learning about and acknowledging the sacrifices of so many for our country and for our freedom.  This is Sebastian and some troop members.

Troop 816 Seb Seb

Good Job, Boys!


Until tomorrow…

Renée Bodkin

Renée Bodkin

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